勝浦朝市・中の島大橋取材 Katsuura Market,NakanoshimaBridge


On beginning this month, We went to Katsuura Market and Nakanoshima Bridege for my serialization “#hinata Inubu”.




I had heard rumors that the Katsuura market was going out of business, but it wasn’t like that at all, and I enjoyed shopping there. I didn’t think I’d buy something like that.


By the way, in this article, my dogs are often used as models, but before I knew it, they were all Yakumo’s lineage.Yakumo,his doughter Tamako, and His grand child Uta.Other menbers has reason about old, or plegnant etc…But I think a big reason is that it is easy to communicate without being timid even in crowded places.



I’m going to talk seriously from here.


It’s important a characteristic appearance as a Kai dog, but I think that personality is important,too.Especially for Japanese dogs, which are becoming less popular, it is absolutely necessary for them to have the temperament of “loving people” and “reading the mood” in the future.

In Japan, where the aging of the population is progressing, for example, after the owner dies, if the dog bites new ouner,or don’t be touch himself, or not eat, they are unfortunate that there is no one to take over.


Japanese dogs will become extinct if there is no one to keep them.The Akita, Kishu, and Shikoku dogs, which require a large space for breeding, seem to be in a particularly difficult situation. But in terms of size, the Kai dog, which is the second largest after the Shiba, should still have room to survive.


I don’t intend to create a Kai dog like a pet,I won’t make a dog that’s hard to keep,too.And, also very loyal to their owners is important.


It’s very difficult, but that’s the kind of Kai dog I’m aiming for.I think that I can do about personality,may be? There is no end to the appearance, but it is fun to think about I have a goal.

100年先も自分が手掛けた犬たちの子孫がいるのかなと思うと浪漫しかない(笑) そして、それくらい残っていく犬じゃないとだめだと思ってます。

It’s romantic to think that there will still be descendants of the dogs I worked on 100 years from now.And I think that a dog that can leave a pedigree for such a long time is the real thing.